Monday, March 10, 2008

Acer aspire

Decided to buy acer aspire...I like this laptop very is very compact and light is coming with 120 gb hard disk, 1 gb ram....performance is excellent....this model is coming with camera and built in speaker for easy web vista is preloaded in this model...finger print recognition is one more exciting feature in aspire. Four USB port, Bluetooth and Wifi are also provided...aspire really rocks.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Current movies are not in good quality. You cannot find good story...all movies are stuffed with violence and other irrelevant activities...we cannot sit and watch some movies with family...few songs are really bad with lot of double meaning words...cinema is a powerful medium, so it should be very correct. People get easily attracted for anything when it is given through strict norms should be established to have good quality movies.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Please avoid eating junk foods, its not good for health.Also avoid drink aerated drinks...Eat lot of fruits for your healthy life...Fruits play important role in maintaining our health...Cheap fruit like banana is having lot nutrition...The blood and water level is maintained correctly when you eat lot of fruits...Try to eat at least one fruit a day and completely avoid eating junk foods...all kinds of vitamins are available in fruits...Eat fruits and live happily.


Hi everyone I am going to share my research experience today. I have finished my masters 2 years back and started my research recently...I feel doing research is an art...u have to study a lot and u should apply different algorithms to solve various problems...time management is a an key issue for doing good research...I dedicate 4 hours daily for doing research...I have collected lot research papers related to my research topic opinion mining. Now I am analyzing about problems existing in my area.

Friday, January 18, 2008


I have modified my resume today for a new job...resume building is an important task for good job...I have few ideas to share on how to build resume for good job...please provide correct information…be very specific. Highlight job relevant skills...also brief your additional skills...explain your work experience exactly and specify your roles and responsibilities...provide a valid reference...alignment and font is also very important.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Hi everyone I have started this blog just to share my thoughts about everything I like. I like current affairs, sports, politics, social issues... to start with I am going to share few words about my mom is my wonderful gift in this world...nothing can match when I compare with her love, affection, caring...she is very innocent and I am very close to her...I want to do lot for her...she likes yellow color sari...I am going to gift her sari next month...